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By Joe Sindoni - broadcaster & Staff Writer, 08/30/22, 3:00PM EDT


The first training camp in Pennsylvania Huntsmen history has ended. It’s an exciting time because that means the season is getting closer for the team. Coach Kilroy is keeping busy to make sure the players are buying in and learning new systems.

The beauty of sports is that there’s already been a ton of work done so far, but there’s always more to do, or to improve. That is the focus for the Huntsmen this year, work hard, and continue to improve. Everything is new right now, but the effort is there and everyone from the front office to the players on the ice are working hard. 

Kilroy just wrapped up his first training camp as a coach in junior hockey, and it’s a full circle for him as he went through training camps in this league, and now he’s the one leading the players. “It's been amazing, it has definitely come with some bumps in the road and there is still a ton for me to learn but having a great supporting staff has helped make this transition a lot easier. I have found a new aspect of love for the game. I am very excited to begin to help these kids realize their dreams and help them achieve those goals.” Training camp is filled with learning, both on and off the ice and the players are plugging away. “I think it went well!  Obviously, there is a lot of work to do with a brand new team and bringing in a bunch of players who have never played together before takes time. But we are beginning to see the culture that us as a staff have tried to implement as well as the culture the players themselves are beginning to create. It is exciting to see this transition from nothing to something of substance, said Kilroy”

Last week the Huntsmen had a preseason game against the Union Thunder, another team making their junior hockey and EHLP debut this year. Despite a loss, Kilroy says there was plenty of things to build from. “I think we have a lot of work to do. Which is a positive, if we didn't have work to do, I would be worried. I think it was awesome to see how our skill levels compared but again, a lot of work to do. The players are eager to learn, eager to do the right thing and are willing to work hard to get there. One thing I have noticed is that we have an amazing group of young men, everyone is getting along, and we are picking each other up.” One of the things that makes a team successful is time. Kilroy knows that and expects to get better as the pre/regular season approaches. “I think there are just somethings that come with time, such as understanding where your teammates are going to be on the ice, what each other’s tendencies are. I think there are also some very bad habits that have never been snipped at because in youth hockey you focus on skill and the top guys just go out and score. When you look at juniors everyone has the skill, but it’s a matter of doing the small things, sticks in lanes, head on a swivel, attacking the puck, knowing the next move two seconds before that move. We just need to focus on the small things.”

A positive thing that is happening is the locker room is that the players are coming together. “There's a nervous energy, but its something that everyone is experiencing. We just want to get going and get the ship pointed in the right direction. We’re nervous because of the unknown but also excited to start a new chapter in each and every one’s life, from the top down, says Kilroy.”

The regular season is less than a month away! There’s plenty of work to be done, as the 2022-23 season quickly approaches, but everyone is getting excited for the inaugural season to begin.

By: Joe Sindoni

Play by Play Announcer

Staff Writer